Score It!

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Score It! is a light weight and flexible scoring application. It should be able to score virtually any game with any number of players.


  • Compatible with Android 1.6+
  • Unlimited players
  • Full score history for each player
  • Persistent score-keeping
  • Large selection of player colors, match your game piece
  • Player sorting by turn, name, or score (ascending and descending)
  • Change player turn order
  • Players and scores are editable

New in v1.2.1:

  • Score input dialogs automatically display virtual keyboard

See more patch notes here.

Score It! Main window

Player list

Score It! History List

Player history

Score It! Sort dialog


Score It! Add New Player

Add a new player

The current release of Score It! is v1.2.1 and can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Score It! is available as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license. You can get the source here.

Patch notes:


  • Optional keep screen on
  • Adjust font size for player list
  • Adjust font size for score history
  • Corrected player list selection colors